Download a Veil Wallet

Links to signed releases of our core wallet, built for Windows, macOS and Linux.

Current version1.0.1.5. To check your version in the wallet, visit: Settings → Advanced Options → Information.

While all wallet issues are canonically tracked in our GitHub Issues List, there is a condensed list of the most important issues new users should be aware of in our changelog document. Be sure to review this list before downloading and installing the wallet.

Android Coming later
iOS Coming later

In addition, we will provide paper wallet generators for both the mainnet and testnet. While these generators can run online and offline, as a privacy-centric project, our recommendation will be to download and run them locally.

After the release of our core wallets, we'll turn our focus to mobile wallets for Android and iOS, and the exploration of integration with common hardware wallets—such as Ledger and Trezor.

Finally, integration with hardware wallets will be followed by work from the Veil Labs in an area called delegated staking, allowing Veil users to stake their coins from the security of a hardware wallet.