This page contains a changelog and list of major open issues with the Veil core wallet.

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file. The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

Major Open Issues

While all issues are canonically tracked in our GitHub Issues List, the following are major open wallet issues users should be aware of. If the issue is OS-specific, it will be indicated as such. Otherwise, GENERAL will be used.

  • ~~ GENERAL: Address book/Contacts show the wrong address type. ~~
  • GENERAL: Mining rewards can only be received through basecoin “bv” addresses which can be generated with console command: getnewbasecoinaddress
  • GENERAL: Funds are displayed late or not displayed (still visible on block explorer). – Set Hide Orphans to false
  • GENERAL: Balances and fees are displayed incorrectly.
  • WINDOWS: Autominting denomination resets to 10 after restarting the wallet. Set your preferred automint denomination by setting nautomintdenom=X (where X is 10, 100, 1000, or 10000) in the veil.conf file.
  • GENERAL: Wallet transaction overview sometimes displays incorrect labels and transaction amounts. For accurate amount information, check transaction ID on the Veil Block Explorer.
  • ** There has evidently been a gap in maintaining this changelog. Please refer to Github for issues. **

[1.0.3] - 2019-04-27

[1.0.2] - 2019-02-28

  • FIXED: In some cases, CT can’t be minted or sent.

[1.0.1] - 2019-01-25

  • ADDED: Support for VIP-1 Soft Fork.
  • ADDED: Increased Spam and Denial of Service Protection.
  • FIXED: The wallet auto-populates the Address book with new addresses.
  • FIXED: Random wallet crashes on Windows.
  • FIXED: In some cases, the wallet can’t be opened on Windows 10.
  • FIXED: Sending RingCT/CT to Basecoin does not display correctly in the balance.
  • FIXED: Unable to convert RingCT/CT into Zerocoin.
  • FIXED: Send Veil screen is sometimes not functional.
  • FIXED: The wallet sometimes crashes on startup on MacOS X.

[1.0.0] - 2019-01-01

  • ADDED: Initial wallet release for Windows, MacOS X and Linux.
  • FIXED: Three periods “…” in the address being copied to clipboard.
  • FIXED: “This is a pre-release test build” warning has not been removed from the mainnet binaries.
  • FIXED: Addresses from getnewbasecoinaddress don’t appear in Address book.
  • FIXED: Sending Veil to stealth “sv” addresses through the Send Veil screen makes the wallet freeze and requires forced termination of the program.
  • FIXED: Sending Veil to stealth “sv” addresses through the Send Veil screen is met with the error “The amount exceeds your balance” despite having sufficient balance.
  • FIXED: Every time the wallet is restarted new addresses are shown.