Installing the Veil Light Wallet on Linux (Ubuntu)

Follow this guide to install the Veil Light Wallet on your Linux machine running Ubuntu.

    For this guide, we'll be using Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS.


  1. A computer running Ubuntu.
  2. A stable internet connection.

Downloading the Veil Light Wallet:

  1. Visit the GitHub repository to obtain the latest version of the light wallet: Veil Light Wallet Releases.
  2. veil_wallet_linux_photo
    Select the Linux version.
  3. Download the package suitable for Ubuntu.

Installing the Veil Light Wallet:

  1. Unzip the package to a location you know. For this example I'm saving it to my desktop for simplicity.
  2. If the files are not in a folder, create a new folder and drag the files into it.
  3. new_folder_w_files
    New folder on top.
    Downloaded wallet files on bottom.
  4. Open the terminal and navigate to your wallet location. If you have the folder on your desktop,
    type cd Desktop and then cd veil\ light\ wallet/ (or whatever you named the folder).
  5. light_wallet_example
  6. Once in the folder, type chmod +x veil-wallet to make the veil-wallet file executable.
  7. chmod_example

Launching Veil Light Wallet:

  1. To start the wallet in the terminal, use ./veil-wallet.
  2. cd_Desktop
    Wallet start example.
  3. Alternatively, close the terminal and double-click the veil-wallet gear icon in your veil light wallet folder.
  4. veil_wallet_gear_icon
    Veil-wallet gear icon.
  5. This should successfully launch your Veil Light Wallet.
  6. Configure any initial settings, such as language.
  7. Ensure you record and securely store your seed phrase generated during the setup. You can also enter a seed phrase from a previous Veil wallet.
  8. After entering your wallet phrase correctly, let your wallet load.
  9. The wallet should be ready to use in a few seconds up to a half-hour.
  10. Note that since Veil is private by default, this light wallet uses RingCT, and basecoin will not be usable, visible, or available with this light wallet.
  11. Mining and staking are not available with the Light Wallet.
  12. The light wallet uses "sv1" addresses, not "bv1" basecoin addresses.

Updating the Wallet:

  1. Check for updates on the official Veil website, Discord, or GitHub periodically.

Enhancements, Additions, or Issues:

    If you encounter issues or have suggestions for improvements, contribute on the official GitHub repository: Veil Light Wallet GitHub Issues.