Partner Program

Find details for Veil’s Partner Program licensing agreement for those wishing to clone or fork Veil.

Veil is open-source, and covered by the MIT License. For projects wishing to fork Veil, we offer a Partnership Program including:

  • Recognition on a dedicated partnership page on the Veil website.

  • Private notifications of exploits and security issues identified in Veil’s Bug Bounty Program.

  • A dedicated project liaison to ensure effective communications.

The guidelines for the Partnership Program are as follows:

  • Payment of a one-time fee of 10,000 Veil or 25,000 USD, whichever is less, to the Veil Global Redistribution Address. All proceeds of the program are redistributed to Veil holders in the form of additional staking rewards.

  • Partner projects must include a fair coin distribution, no ICOs, no premines, or must fork the Veil blockchain.

  • Partner projects must have a clearly articulated development roadmap, and provide ongoing evidence of positive progress toward those goals.

  • The Veil project may invalidate the program participation at its discretion. This would happen, for example, if a project demonstrates a tendency to simply port Veil innovations without introducing its own.

  • Partner projects must be diligent in the enforcement of the MIT License with respect to their own downchain forks.

Enquiries related to the Veil Partnership Program should be sent by email to