About Veil

The Veil Project was conceived in 2018 by James Burden, a recognized expert in crypto-privacy and holding a track record of founding successful cryptocurrency projects like PIVX. The motivation for Veil was the need for a currency that provided full-time privacy, without compromising strength of anonymity.

With seed funding in excess of one million USD, a team of leading blockchain developers, cryptographers, mathematicions, user experience and operations personnel was formed. The project’s mainnet launched in January of 2019.

Veil implemented a self-sustaining mechanism, encoded into the network, providing funding for ongoing operations, marketing, partnerships, bounties and other activities required of successful initiatives.

  • Founded by James Burden in 2018.
  • Seed funded in excess of one million USD.
  • Mainnet launched in January, 2019.

The Veil roadmap

Our vision is to create the best privacy coin in the world. The path towards that goal currently foresees the following milestones.

Jan 01, 2019
Project Veil Launched
2020 Q4
New Proof-of-Work Algorithm Suite
2021 Q2
RingCT-staking Protocol
2021 Q2
User-friendly Veil X Wallet
2021 Q3
Mobile Wallets
2021 Q3
Complete SuperSonic Research
2021 Q4
Hardware Wallet Support
2021 Q4
SuperSonic Protocol Audit
2022 Q1
SuperSonic Protocol Release

Our ambitions are not just to be incrementally better, but eclipse the current landscape of competitors, and deliver the privacy currency users will want to own and use in the future.

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