Dec 06, 2019

Announcing operational changes within the Veil team

The Veil project has undergone a recent reorganization to better focus our efforts and execute on our long-term vision.

Recently some considerable changes have been made within Veil. As ambitious a project as Veil is, it has outgrown the previous management strategy—that largely being from Project Founder James Burden down. To alleviate the bottleneck that process had created, Veil will now function through these 5 distinct, complementary divisions:

  • Engineering
  • Business Development
  • Product Management
  • Communications
  • Research & Development

These divisions will work with a greater deal of autonomy and broader flow of communication between teams.

Mimir - Engineering

Previously Tom ‘presstab’ Bradshaw served as Veil’s Lead Blockchain Architect, overseeing initial development and navigating Veil through the Zerocoin exploit. Now, however, presstab and Veil are parting ways, and Mimir is stepping up to helm software engineering. Where previously Tom handled much of Veil’s development through his own private team, Mimir is utilizing Veil’s expanded development team, grown through the Veil Development Bounty and staff recruitment. He is now also Project Manager for technology efforts.

Mimir brings extensive experience in software and blockchain development, a hands-on approach to leadership, and passion for privacy. He is seeking to develop a range of improvements to the Veil core protocol as well as deliver many additional surprises on top of the already established development roadmap (found here).

Mimir is a strong believer in communication both within the team and with the community and investors (as many have already discovered on Discord). As such, he is dedicated to offering frequent, substantial updates on development progress and goals, so look forward to more insight from within the project’s beating heart soon.

Joshua Marriage – Business Development

We excitedly announced back in July that Joshua Marriage officially joined the Veil team to lead business development efforts. Since then, Joshua’s role within Veil has been renegotiated, deepening his involvement considerably. Joshua now lends his business acumen and management skills to aid Veil developing partnerships and opportunities externally, and to refining internal operations. The 5 division structure, for example, was developed by Joshua with input from the team. He is now also Project Manager for business efforts.

As a co-founder of Pip and Privacy Express, Joshua brings with him expertise, a unique perspective, and a doorway into a range of new business opportunities.

Expect to hear more about upcoming business development news in the near future.

Gabriel Nergaard – Product Management

Gabriel has been with Veil since inception, writing many of the articles featured on the Veil website, and much of its content as Veil’s Technical Writer. He also created and manages the Veil website itself alongside team member bndk. These efforts, however, only represent a segment of Gabriel’s skillset, which his new role heading Product Management better explores.

For over 20 years Gabriel has worked in product development, where he pays special attention to user-friendly UI and UX design, unique and intuitive solutions to common problems, and simplifying information for easy digestion. Gabriel’s extensive clientele ranges from tech giants like Google and Live Nation, to cryptocurrency projects such as Dash and PIVX.

Gabriel is working hard with the team on improvements for what’s proven an overly complex wallet, simplifying the Veil user experience, and continuing to provide website support and articles as he previously has.

Strontium - Communications

Like Gabriel, Strontium has been with Veil since inception. Also like Gabriel, Strontium is responsible for much of Veil’s written content. Strontium has previously filled the role of Chief Editor for Veil, aiding with content production from formulation through to publication.

Strontium brings a background in strategic communication, psychology, and education paired with experience strategizing and guiding professionals in a wide array of fields. His focus is on bringing high quality, valuable information to audiences across a range of mediums and divides.

Users can expect to see an increase in communication from Veil on a range of topics moving forward, as well as increased efforts for our non-English speaking community towards narrowing the language barrier.

Other information

Currently the management role for Research & Development is not something we’re prepared to announce. This function of Veil though will be handled by Veil Labs, which itself is undergoing some improvements to better prepare for Veil’s development of Super Sonic zkSnarks. The project will share further information in this area in the future.

Lastly, in addition to these division management roles, we’re happy to announce deeper involvement of another member of the team:

Tony Kim – Regional Coordinator

Tony is another team member who has served since the project’s birth. An accomplished businessman, he’s held an advisory role, sharing his wealth of knowledge in business operations as well as making vital introductions for Veil.

Moving forward, Tony has agreed to officially take on additional duties as Korea’s Regional Coordinator: an area he’s already invested considerable effort into, and in which efforts will intensify.

Closing words

We are confident these changes will bring new ideas and energy into Veil operations, as well as allowing Veil to better draw upon the expertise of existing staff. The management division will also allow Founder James Burden to focus without distraction on ideas, partnerships, and other plans for the future you’ll hear about soon.

Team morale is burning brightly, and we hope your excitement is buoyed by these developments. As always, questions and comments are always welcome via our Discord and social media.