Terms of Service

In order to take advantage of Veil’s software and services, users must abide by the following conditions laid out by the Veil team.

Use of Veil software and Network

  • The use of Veil software complies with any and all agreements pertaining to individual software use should such be present
  • The user acknowledges that user errors resulting in the loss of funds are not Veil project’s responsibility. Veil staff will do their utmost to help recover lost funds should such events occur, but no guarantee is made that a user’s lost funds can be returned
  • Veil software should not under any circumstances be altered in an attempt to defraud the Veil network, its users, or exchanges and services reliant on the Veil network
  • Any and all uses of open source material pertaining to Veil project software and source code must abide by the accompanying license and copyright notices. Veil is open-source, and covered by the MIT License.

Discord, Forums, and Social Media

  • Users are expected to abide by the rules set out in welcome messages where present
  • Users are expected to abide by the rules set out by the platform owner’s themselves as outlined in the platform’s terms of service
  • Users are expected to respect the rights and freedoms of other users, including their right to remain anonymous
  • Anyone attempting to scam, phish, or spread viruses will be dealt with by Veil staff at the full extent of their power, including permanent bans and reporting to platform service operators
  • Anyone advertising or soliciting without first seeking prior permission will be warned and asked to suspend their activities. Failure to do so will result in a ban
  • Posting and sharing of material in breach of copyright, defamatory actions, and other unlawful behavior will not be tolerated

Cloning and Forking of Veil Source Code

  • Anyone cloning or forking Veil’s source code is expected to abide by licenses and copyright notices contained therein.

Participating in Veil Bounty Program

  • Anyone participating in Veil’s bounty program cannot be involved in, or by formal association be directly linked to, the Veil project in any way.
  • Anyone wishing to be paid a bounty is required to provide a valid Veil address to which remittance will be paid.
  • Anyone taking on bounties acknowledges that the completion of a bounty is ultimately determined by a Veil staff review, involving one or more staff dependent on the size of the bounty and task. This is to ensure the high standards the Veil project holds itself to are maintained through any work contributed by bounty hunters.

Further information on the Veil Bounty Program can be found here

Use of Veil Support Service

  • Users understand that Veil staff will never assist them via direct message on Discord or other social media and forum services. All help will be given via Freshdesk or in-channel
  • Users are aware that they may be asked to provide information relevant to their problem in order to find a solution. This requested information will never include anything that jeopardizes the users account security or funds
  • Information may be retained for the sake of helping the user, improving Veil software or services, or for building a database of solutions to better serve other users with similar issues. This will never include personal information or data on a user’s funds

False and Fraudulent Representation of Veil or Veil Staff

  • Anyone found to be misrepresenting Veil by fraudulent representation of the Veil brand or staff identities will be subject to any and all measures available to Veil project representatives