Buy Veil on an Exchange

The Veil project is already working with a number of leading exchanges to ensure liquid markets are available as soon as possible.

Veil is available on the following exchanges:

  • NonKYC - Exchanging crypto. Protecting identity. NonKYC is the only exchange currently (as of September 2023) using Veil stealth "sv…" addresses, enabling deposits and withdrawals using RingCT Stealth. Veil withdrawals cost the equivalent of one dollar of Veil. NonKYC is a brand new market for Veil paired with XMR (Monero), USDT (Tether), and BTC (Bitcoin) including wrapped versions on chains with cheaper transactions. Writing this before any trade volume has begun, so while Veil has no history yet on this exchange, the potential is great. NonKYC exchange also enables anyone to farm the transaction fees by starting or contributing to off-chain liquidity pools providing market-making services for Veil in these three markets.
  • TradeOgre - the most liquidity, all genuine. Cheap and fast withdrawals. Veil withdrawals on TradeOgre exchange are immediate and cost only 0.01 Veil.
  • Probit - an established Korean exchange, still with sporadic Veil volume. Korean regulations make continued listing uncertain. Currently Veil withdrawals on Probit exchange cost 0.2 Veil. Deposits are available and confirm after 30 minutes. Current wallet version is to be confirmed.

Note — Most exchanges currently accept deposits in Basecoin only, and the Veil wallet currently will only send to stealth addresses on the Send screen. Sending Basecoin from the wallet can be done through the Console, as described in this support article.

It is possible for the exchanges to allow withdrawals to Stealth (sv) addresses, and the Veil wallet in 2022 was improved to enable users to receive stealth Veil while the wallet is still locked, and to have the amounts appear automatically when unlocking. In 2019 an exchange briefly was letting people withdraw stealth amounts, but support load increased as customers needed to unlock AND go through a procedure in order to see their incoming amounts. This complication has been removed, so exchanges are welcome to try stealth transactions again.

As of September 2023, Veil's new exchange NonKYC enables stealth deposits and withdrawals, so for the first time since 2019 Veil users can use the GUI (graphical user interface) wallet to send to and receive from an exchange. Those using the command line interface should send to RingCT when targeting a stealth (sv…) address from either a CT balance or from a RingCT balance. From basecoin or zerocoin balances the target will be CT (stealth) for the same target sv… (stealth) address. When you receive Veil with your stealth address the amount will be revealed automatically when you unlock your wallet.

Disclaimer — The third-party services listed above are not endorsed by the Veil team and are provided for informational purposes only. Please consider doing your own research and exercise caution when using third-party services. Some exchanges have come and gone even after many months of faithful service. In some cases user funds have been lost. In one case that we know of, the entire unsolicited listing was fraudulent and the exchange disappeared very quickly.