Privacy Policy

Veil project is a strong advocate of user privacy, and so collects and retains information specific to its users only when deemed necessary in providing services or support pertaining to Veil services.

User data retained by Veil:

Data type Circumstance Additional info
email address signing up for newsletter When signing up for the Veil newsletter, a user’s e-mail address is added to a mailing list
Username taking on bounties Users participating in bounties will have their username recorded in order to keep track of participation in, and successful completion of bounties
Support ticket info seeking support via Freshdesk Support tickets may include any necessary information provided by users voluntarily, or requested as additional information by support staff in order to resolve issues faced by the user. This info may include PC specs, operating system info, wallet settings, dates and times, and some network settings
Wallet address when payment is made to successful bounty A wallet address is necessary for making payment on successful bounties, and retained by Veil as evidence of adherence to obligations. Best practices would have this address being one-time use, but the choice to reuse an address ultimately lies with the user
Google analytics data upon all webtraffic to Veil websites and webpages We don’t use Google Analytics or any other analytics on our web site! Analytics data is recorded to help Veil staff identify ways to better engage the public. All IP addresses are anonymised, so no individual’s identifying data will be retained
Device specs support process, testing bounty In the event Veil staff require device specs for either support or bounties involving testing, this info will be stored for the sake of helping users and improving Veil software as is deemed appropriate
Social media handle following, liking, commenting on etc. Veil’s social media accounts Any accounts choosing to engage with Veil via social media will by default leave a record of participation. This may include actions such as following, liking, or subscribing to Veil’s social media accounts, which may be openly displayed to other users. Please consider policies of each social media service for more information

No records on individuals, comprehensive or otherwise, will be collated and retained by Veil unless express permission is sought in special circumstances (such as building a portfolio of work for consideration should an individual be considered for a permanent position within Veil).

No user or individual’s information, data, or metadata will be sold or otherwise distributed to third parties. Circumstances may arise wherein Veil is compelled to provide such information by law if under extreme duress, at which point it becomes a legal matter subject to law.

Users are reminded that while Veil will adhere to the terms outlined above, Veil project cannot guarantee third parties will not garner such information for their own purposes, nor will Veil project be held responsible in such cases. It remains each user’s responsibility to manage what information they share in publicly visible channels such as forums, messageboards, and other such platforms.

Any further questions regarding Veil’s privacy policy can be addressed to [email protected].