Feb 08, 2024
by Sean Phillips

Veil News update. Mobile wallets and other things

Veil light wallets are available for Android, Apple iOS, as well as Windows and macOS. User guides are also available.

Warning that scammers steal funds if they can convince people of untrue things

As mentioned in our December blog post scammers fake a Veil website and tell people (lies) that there is a Veil “token” and they can win millions of them, even more than the total supply quantity of the real Veil, and people who are not very familiar with Veil believe them and connect to the scammers’ malicious wallet and steal everything in it, including all their Ethereum!

In the face of this we did manage to get the domain cancelled that hosted the fake copy of our website, but everyone should be vigilant and not fall for scams when they first appear.

Veil light wallets are now available. Guides are here too.

With the new Veil light/mobile wallet you can use your own node as the backend, especially if you simply want to take your Veil with you on your smartphone, but the primary use case for the mobile wallet is for people who don’t or can’t run their own full node (wallet with a complete, synchronised live copy of the Veil blockchain on it). The light Veil Wallet also offers several languages, including some that are not available in the Veil Core wallet, which is really only complete in English! Russian, English, Esperanto (the Universal Language), Spanish, and now Japanese and Lithuanian are fully supported!

Where do you get it?

  • Github releases has all of the code for all versions of Veil Wallet, iOS, Android, Windows, and Linux!
  • Android
  • iOS (Apple mobile devices)
    • App Store (Veil Wallet is not on the Apple App Store)
    • AltStore enables you to “side-load” Veil Wallet from the Github releases page onto your iPhone or iPad.

How can I install it?

See our user guides

  • Sideloading the Veil Light Wallet on iPhone using AltStore.
  • Installing the Veil Wallet via the Google Play Store is automatic. When starting it for the first time, set the language and any other initial settings and either create a new wallet or restore an existing one, remembering to always keep an encrypted or safely stored copy of your seed phrase when you set it up. The light wallet only uses Veil as RingCT. If you restore an old or existing wallet, if there is anything other than RingCT, such as basecoin, CT, or zerocoins, the light wallet will only see and handle the RingCT balance. This ensures your Veil remains fully private. Exchanges that don’t offer stealth/RingCT Veil deposits and withdrawals using the sv (stealth Veil) address will be unavailable to you with this wallet. Not to worry! NonKYC exchange supports private deposits and withdrawals using the stealth Veil address! (Make sure to keep deposits above 300 Veil!)
  • Installing the Veil Light Wallet on Ubuntu Linux.
  • Installing the Veil Light Wallet in Windows and macOS should also be pretty straightforward, but there isn’t a special guide for it yet.

Veil is still on our three exchanges. Don’t buy “Veil” on any other or you may not be buying the real Veil.

Veil remains on Probit, TradeOgre, and NonKYC exchanges. On the latter anyone can add liquidity to the pools that maintain a narrow pricing spread between bids and offers at all time, and earn a portion of the trading fees on these trades.

We are looking forward to new listings and welcome free listings, but particularly to Basic Swap DEX in the reasonably near future! I’m sure that they will welcome any new Beta testers!

Status of Veil inclusion in Zelcore wallet

Likewise, our inclusion in the Zelcore desktop wallet (name change pending) is still not completed! They have been super busy since blondfrogs completed the Veil Light Wallet API for Zelcore to use! Glad that our new light wallets from our developer Ivan use it. Followers of Flux and Zelcore might like to remind them of this from time to time.

Have an opinion on any of these things? Weigh in on Veil’s Discord server!

Future mandatory updates as presently planned should only be expected for either a rebase of the wallet code and a change in the budget or foundation multisignature addresses, or to change Veil staking from zerocoin to RingCT.

Veil invites new developers to continue work on the RingCT Staking development

The X post is out, inviting C++ developers to join Veil in working on debugging and completing the RingCT Staking development branch. Will you become part of the Veil New Guard?

Additional exposure to other technologies may be available if you contribute to and test Veil’s approaching addition to Basic Swap DEX, or if you work on any other platform that Veil may be added to.

Veil has a new Marketing Leader!

Due to outstanding marketing work entirely self-motivated, the person known on X (formerly Twitter) as VEILionaire is now on staff as our lead marketer or marketing director. We envisage all Veil team roles to become departmental heads as Veil progresses to the next level. Current team roles are multi-tasking, and VEILionaire is no exception. We all, the whole Veil community should be actively marketing, while those who are able, can also contribute to coding and to new exchanges and services listings.

Further on the topic of marketing, in order to facilitate the Official Twitter account of Veil Project participating in X Spaces (audio conversations on X in iOS or Android) which can only be started by an X Premium account, please follow Kid Plankton on X.