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Apr 03, 2019

Veil Announces the 2019 Security Audits

In this article, we discuss our forthcoming security audit.

Veil is the first cryptocurrency utilizing Zerocoin with the goal of achieving an “always-on” privacy for transactions without sacrificing stability or accessibility.

As a privacy-centric cryptocurrency, we at Veil are committed to the security and freedom of our community, and for our users to retain power and control over their own data.

The security and stability of the Veil network is our main priority so we have engaged Least Authority, a leading industry expert firm, to conduct comprehensive security audits starting early May, 2019.

With years of experience and a solid track of record in conducting cryptocurrency audits, Least Authority will start analyzing the stability of Veil codebase with further audits already planned for the future, such as trustless accumulator and RingCT w/bulletproofs.

Our mission is to empower our users with full-time privacy and to introduce a new standard for anonymous transactions. We believe that the audit is a necessary step for providing with the best privacy-tech solutions available in the market and to further reinforce the anonymity of our users.

We thank you for your support and enthusiasm for Veil and we will have more announcements and documentation online soon.

For more information about Least Authority and their previous audits please visit the Least Authority website.