Sep 22, 2019

Payment gateway Cryptocurrency Checkout integrates Veil

Veil has been added as a payment option to the versatile payment gateway Cryptocurrency Checkout.

Veil has been added as a payment option to the versatile payment gateway Cryptocurrency Checkout. Through this, users can accept VEIL payments on a number of popular platforms, making it easier than ever to pay and receive veil for goods, services, and donations.

What can Cryptocurrency Checkout do?

Cryptocurrency Checkout allows users to set up checkout integration through Bigcommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, and more, allowing users to pay willing vendors and retailers in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency Checkout can also be used for donation integration on platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, facilitating in an easy, user-friendly way. Payments can be made through convenient 1-click integration for PCs, scannable QR code for smartphones, or by more flexible manual data entry where more detail may be needed, such as interfacing with cryptocurrency exchanges directly.

How does it work?

Unlike most payment processors, Cryptocurrency Checkout facilitates transactions peer-to-peer, with payments moving from payer to payee wallets directly. Payees simply elect currencies in which they’re open to receiving payment upon setup. Payments also carry no additional fees, so both Cryptocurrency Checkout clients and their customers will pay only those standard fees charged by the blockchain; something all but unheard-of in traditional payment processors.

Users — both payers and payees — are additionally protected against fraud by cross-site validation, where data handled through the transacting process is checked against Cryptocurrency Checkout’s database. Users also have the option to protect their accounts with 2FA. These measures provide both parties with added security and peace of mind, helping with the common apprehension that accompanies making and accepting payments in cryptocurrency.

Users are given access to many helpful functions, including invoicing tools, activity graphs, transactions charts, API keys, and of course scripts for painlessly setting up a payment option.

Seeing it in action is always going to be more impressive than words, however, so check out the Cryptocurrency Checkout demo resource here.

What does this mean for Veil?

Through Cryptocurrency Checkout, Veil gains access to a host of popular platforms as a potential payment option. This arrangement greatly limits the need for bots and custom scripting in order to have veil purchases and donations available to users. The convenience of invoicing and record keeping Cryptocurrency Checkout provides also makes Veil a much more feasible option to legitimate businesses where record keeping for tax reasons is paramount, thus helping smooth the path to adoption.

On top of this, the ability for users to make transactions through their smartphone using QR codes opens up options otherwise not yet available while Veil lacks a finished smartphone wallet.

How can I learn more and get started?

To register visit the Cryptocurrency Checkout website, or to learn more visit their guides page for a range of detailed guides on various applications of their payment gateway.