Aug 07, 2023
by Sean Phillips

Veil Core optional wallet update v1.4.1 is available

Veil users have available an optional Veil 1.4.1 wallet upgrade bringing some minor bug fixes and some handy user experience improvements. Organisations and users running node services are NOT required to install this minor wallet version update, but may install it at their leisure.

This Veil core wallet update — download from Github is a MINOR and optional update improving the speed of syncing a Veil wallet or node with the blockchain, and makes information for new Veil users more easily found when starting the wallet for the first time as well as subsequently. A detailed changes list is available on the wallet releases page on Github.

In short, the two biggest changes people will notice are:

  • the substantial speed increase for the wallet to process blocks as the blockchain synchronises (syncs) if the wallet has been disconnected for some weeks or months. Regular blockchain snapshots continue to be provided via Veil.Tools, which is most helpful for first-time wallet startup, or wallets that have been stopped for a much longer time.
  • the help section “Looks like you are new here!” page now has an easily found question mark icon on the navigation side bar. In previous wallet versions it would only be seen when a new wallet was launched, where no transactions or balances existed, or it could be found in the navigation with difficulty. Now anyone can easily get the first launch help any time.

The actual release date was July 12th, a few weeks earlier than writing this post, and it was only announced in our Discord community and on, as there was no rush. this announcement will be followed up with announcements on other platforms in the near future.

Updating the wallet software is as simple as replacing the program files veild, veil-qt, veil-cli, …. There is no need to touch your data files. Normal data backup procedures apply.

Download Veil Core wallet v1.4.1.0 and read the full release notes here. Check our Veil support article for how to update your Veil wallet.

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