Sep 28, 2022
by Sean Phillips

Veil Core mandatory wallet update v1.4.0 is now available

Veil users and services are required to install this mandatory wallet version update before protocol enforcement at block 2,100,000 in January 2023, but must at least have v1.3.0 by November, 2022!

This is a MANDATORY update that will enforce a hard fork in January, as well as support the hard fork happening earlier, in November!

Veil Core wallet v1.4.0 is a mandatory update that in addition to extending Proof of Work mining from block 2,000,000 (November 2022) until the end of Veil’s Supply, (block 9,816,000), as the recent 1.3.0 wallet does, but also in January will reduce the GPU memory size needed for Veil ProgPoW proof of work mining allowing people with cheaper graphics cards to mine Veil. All Veil users need to install this update, but any who have not already installed v1.3.0.0 need to do it before November, in a little over one month.

Updating the wallet software is as simple as replacing the program files veild, veil-qt, veil-cli, …. There is no need to touch your data files. Normal data backup procedures apply.

All exchanges, services, miners, stakers, and all users need to upgrade before block 2 million in early November, if the wallet version v1.3.0.0 has not already been installed, or otherwise by January, ready for the mining change allowing smaller graphic cards to be able to mine Veil. This is a mandatory update.

Download Veil Core wallet v1.4.0 and read the full release notes here. Check our Veil support article for how to update your Veil wallet.

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