Jun 13, 2022
by Sean Phillips

Veil Core wallet update v1.2.4 is now available

This is a recommended update, but it is not mandatory and includes no consensus based changes.

Version includes the added RPCs for external RandomX mining & a fix for (one type of) force_return errors, & in the command line interface (or RPC) create multiple transactions with one command, correct progress display on searchdeterministiczerocoin, build changes for c++17 and OSX, update for override of max thread usage, & more!

Upgrading is not mandatory, especially if you have already been running a recent wallet from the “master” branch. The previous mandatory release was version in May 2021.

Download Veil Core wallet v1.2.4.1 and read the full release notes here. Check our Veil support article for how to update your Veil wallet.

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