Jul 19, 2022

Lightwallet coming

Veil will soon be included, with RingCT privacy, in the Zelcore desktop wallet! Just a little more testing remains.

The Veil community is dear to us

At the Veil Project we consider all contributors to be part of the Veil family, whether an Original Generation team member, or one who joined us later, and they are very welcome to contribute again to Veil, whenever possible.

There are some staff who are no longer able to be involved as team members. codeofalltrades, dango and mados, we appreciate the work they have done, especially most recently, codeofalltrades, who has made significant contributions to the robustness of Veil’s core software. Cavespectre also has had to curtail his active development, as you may notice if checking Github.

While this blog has evidently been sadly neglected, it should change from this time onward. To catch up on other staff changes, please welcome us77ipis (Github ID) Johns5937 (on Discord) for his recent and ongoing contributions as an evidently motivated Bounty Developer. We are currently considering a reduction in the ProgPow DAG GPU memory size and are aware of arguments for and against this. If you would like to weigh in on the subject, please feel free to join our Discord mining channel, and/or our Veil-Dev Discord if you are able to contribute to writing code and testing submissions on our test and development networks.

Also please welcome Zannick. Although we have not yet got around to creating a staff page for him, he has been a developer in the team since 2021, contributed some important bug fixes, reviewing other devs’ code submissions, and is working on the future RingCT staking upgrade.

Steel97 (Github ID) IVAN (on Discord), also no staff profile page yet, should be recognised for his neat replacement of the Veil block explorers, which brings efficiency improvements.

Light wallet is coming (with the Zelcore desktop wallet — later will be the mobile wallet)

Blondfrogs currently has a major upgrade in progress for the inclusion of Veil in the awesome Zelcore wallet. This is a light wallet, so it does not require the Veil user to maintain the full blockchain history on their own computer. Furthermore, Veil’s inclusion will be using RingCT anonymous transactions! When this is available, it will be announced in our NEWS updates. Although Blondfrogs is an OG Veil developer, this submission he is working on is done in his capacity as a developer for the Zelcore team, so he is not expected, although is very welcome, to do other regular contributions to Veil’s code.