Aug 22, 2022

Lightwallet coming

The Veil light-wallet API has today been published, enabling Zelcore to include, with RingCT privacy, Veil in the Zelcore desktop wallet!

Light wallet is near (with the Zelcore desktop wallet)

Veil release completes RingCT light-wallet API necessary for private use of Veil in the Zelcore Desktop light wallet. (Further work is needed for inclusion in the Zelcore mobile wallet.)

Stay tuned for Zelcore’s release of Veil in their Zelcore desktop wallet!

This will enable users who do not want to maintain a full node to hold Veil in their own custody, with their own private keys, and to use it privately through RingCT anonymous transactions.

Also imminent is a DAG reduction for proof of work miners using the ProgPoW algorithm

We have held off from including the DAG reduction in today’s release, because the most popular mining software was not yet ready, and the mining community preferred to wait a little longer.

The Veil mining community is excited and looking forward to using mining GPUs with smaller memory before the existing code makes it impossible to mine, and also hope to gain the attention of the miners with new and old GPUs who have been mining Ethereum as the end of Ethereum proof of work looms.