May 16, 2023
by Sean Phillips

New Setup Guide for Ubuntu Linux GUI wallet | MAY 2023 Twitter Promo underway

Renewed interest in Veil bounty tasks inspired a user to write a setup guide for installing the Veil wallet in Ubuntu Linux GUI (graphical user interface) / MAY 2023 Twitter Promo!

Veil (incentive) Bounty Tasks have been reopened

You may have noticed that certain Veil Telegram groups have been reopened, including the Bounty Telegram. There may also be other places where old Veil bounties have been posted! Please check them out and we will look into whether they remain relevant.

“Ohcee” (Github name) received bounty for a new Ubuntu GUI SETUP GUIDE for the Veil core wallet. 2023-05-16 This is also linked from the Wallet download / Get Started page.

(Please be aware of spam on Telegram and other third party websites. Our native community is on Discord.)

The Veil official TWITTER promo for MAY 2023 is underway!

A 10,000 Veil bounty is on offer! Check @ProjectVeil on Twitter for more details! Follow the instructions carefully. This promo is active durng the month of May, and also includes nominating your favorite Veil meme or instructional post from April!