Jul 12, 2019
by Marc Fortenberry

Introducing the Veil Tipbot!

In support of gratitude, we’re excited to announce the Veil Tipbot!

Technology can sometimes get a little confusing. That’s why we’ve created the Veil Tipbot to promote and incentivize community members to help each other make Veil technology accessible to all. Starting today, if you want to show appreciation to a Veil community member on Discord, Reddit, or Twitter, you can use the Veil Tipbot and send a little tip their way!

Here are some times when you might want to use the Tipbot:

  • When you see a great suggestion
  • When you get really useful help from someone
  • When you want to thank someone for their activity in the community

Let’s dive in, and see how to get started with the Tipbot.

Fund your Veil account in Discord

In order tip, you’ll need a bit of Veil in your Discord account. From within Discord, you can enter the following command to display both your current VEIL balance, and your personal Veil deposit address:

  • vbal — Displays your balance and VEIL deposit address

Send some Veil to your deposit address, and you’ll be ready to start tippin’!

If you want to tip Veil outside of Discord, i.e. while you’re on Twitter or in Reddit, you’ll need to link those accounts. Starting in Discord, here are the commands you can use to link those accounts:

  • vtwitter @twitter — where @twitter is your own Twitter username.
  • vreddit u/username — where username is your own Reddit username.

Once you enter the above commands, the Tipbot will reply confirming you want to link the particular account to Discord. Enter “Y” and hit return/enter. The Tipbot will reply with “link successful”.

At that point, you can start sending and receiving tips across Twitter and Reddit, in addition to Discord!

How to tip someone

When you’re ready to start tipping, here are the commands you’ll use, starting with the platform you’re in. In each, “Amount” is the amount of VEIL you want to send:

  • Discord — vtip @username Amount, sends a tip to a Discord user.
  • Reddit — vtip u/username Amount, sends a tip via a Reddit comment.
  • Twitter — @username #sendveil Amount, sends a tip via a Tweet.
  • Twitter — #sendveil Amount, sends a tip via a Reply.

Additional helpful Tipbot commands

Within Discord, here are some additional commands you’ll find useful:

  • vhelp — Displays all Veil Bot commands.
  • vwithdraw Address Amount — Withdraws to a VEIL address.
  • vdonate Amount — Donates VEIL to Veil Bot’s funding system.

Building a strong community starts with creating technology that’s accessible. In support of that aim, we hope you’ll use the Veil Tipbot to send tips across Twitter, Discord, and Reddit.

The Veil project is positioned to become a distinct leader, offering end-to-end payment anonymity. Visit us on our Discord or Telegram channels.