Sep 18, 2022
by Sean Phillips

Mandatory Wallet Updates and other anticipation

Veil Core wallet update needs to be installed by block 2,000,000.

Successful completion of the Ethereum Merge enables the Zelcore team to switch back to adding Veil

Veil release completes RingCT light-wallet API necessary for private use of Veil in the Zelcore Desktop light wallet. Completion of the Ethereum Merge enables the Zelcore team to switch back to adding Veil to their multi-currency light wallet.

This will enable users who do not want to maintain a full node to hold Veil in their own custody, with their own private keys, and to use it privately through RingCT anonymous transactions.

The ProgPoW DAG size reduction for proof of work miners is imminent

The DAG-size reduction had to wait until after the Veil core release to ensure that all of the popular ProgPoW mining software would support the reduction.

While the Veil mining community is eager to get started using mining GPUs with smaller memory before the existing code makes it impossible to mine, until we reach the deadline for the change those with larger GPUs, including former Ethereum miners are able to mine all the Veil they can possibly get!

The block height deadline for the proof of work continuation is block two million, which should occur in the middle of November, maybe the 14th.

I suspect that we should give users another 100,000 blocks to install Veil core, making a deadline of block number 2,100,000. This, as well as the already released is not only necessary for miners to upgrade, but for all users, exchanges, and services. If you still have Veil Core before November, when you download, you will be able to skip Just make sure to have updated to or by early November, and (assuming that we do give a later deadline for the next wallet) if you already have, then your deadline will be about 9 weeks and 6 days later.

Have an opinion on this? Weigh in on Veil’s Discord server!

Following these updates, we should only need a mandatory update when we are able to change staking from zerocoin to RingCT.

Finally, if you have any Veil balances on exchanges other than TradeOgre, please check with those exchanges

Please check our updated exchanges page for information regarding our existing and pending exchanges and some that are no longer working! These include Graviex and CREX24. You should have no trouble dealing with Graviex.