Oct 23, 2019

Meet the team — Blondfrogs

In this article, we will get to know Veil developer, Blondfrogs

This article is a continuation of our series of interviews with members of the Veil team. In this installment, we’ll meet Veil’s PoW Development Lead Jeremy Anderson aka blondfrogs.

Tell us about yourself prior to getting into crypto. Where were you living? What were you doing? What were your interests?

I was in my last semester of school at the University of Utah. I was completing my degree in computer science when I met a friend who was working in the crypto space and we started working on a project together. I was and still am interested in programming, computer security, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Can you tell us the story of how you got into crypto?

I was a month from graduating college, when I started working on building a decentralized exchange. While working on this project, I learned a lot about what crypto was being used for and loved the anonymity of it. Ever since I have jumped full-time into developing for crypto projects.

What have been the best aspects of building things in crypto?

I feel like when I am building new features and new ways to use blockchain it allows people to interact with crypto in a way that they haven’t done before. Also I am contributing to something bigger than myself that will someday make the world a more secure place and lead to global improvements that we have yet to see.

What have been the biggest challenges in building things in crypto?

The biggest challenge that I have found is to allow time for the network nodes to update to the latest software. Working on a blockchain code base means that we must build the code to always work whether a new feature is activated or not. This means that ever line of code that is written that deals with the core functionality of a cryptocurrency must be tested extensively, and even then it might take a month or longer for the network to accept the changes.

Project yourself a decade into the future. What does the crypto world look like? Is Bitcoin still the leading coin? Is privacy added to Bitcoin or does it remain transparent?

Bitcoin is still the leading coin, however transaction sizes are much smaller and signature verification can be handled quicker because of improvements in security protocols. I don’t think Bitcoin will ever implement privacy.

What are your non-crypto hobbies and interests?

I love artificial intelligence and neural networks, and am planning on starting to explore this aspect of computer technology to learn more and one day become a contributing member to it.

I also just built a new road bicycle and have been enjoying being able to go out and enjoy riding it. Every so often I will play some tennis, or pickleball to get the heart pumping.

What would you say are your personal hopes for Veil when it comes to new developments in the future? Are there particular challenges in the space you’d like to have Veil solve?

I hope that Veil is able to succeed with the privacy that it will provide in the future. Lots of crypto users don’t understand how valuable privacy is, and I hope that Veil can show them that. Most privacy coins aren’t very easy to use. They either take forever to sync, or take forever to send a transaction. I hope that Veil can remedy both of those issues also.