Jan 06, 2020

Unveiling our 2020 vision

The Veil Project is well poised for a new frontier, laser focused on fulfilling our mission with unprecedented clarity and an unwavering sense of purpose.

Consider this our manifesto, an open letter to ‘surveillance capitalism’ and its proponents, a pledge to undermine their exploitative business model.

As part of our restructuring and reflections on year one, we’re laying the foundations for a financial future where autonomy, freedom of choice, and ultimately the human experience, are still possible.

The problem

We are careening toward the digital dystopia of a cashless society, one where we are stripped of our freedoms from external control.

The push to digital is in favour of surveillance and the value derived from us as people, taking advantage of our tendency to choose convenience over privacy. When we transact through a third party intermediary we pay more than once—first with our dollar, then repeatedly with our data.

We as consumers, are never compensated by the trillion dollar industries built atop what is rightfully ours, nor are the businesses who pay fees to rent-seeking middlemen.

According to Visa, each year $17 trillion in consumer payments are still made in physical cash or cheques.

So what happens when they’re forced to go digital?

The solution

It’s our mission to empower people with an encrypted equivalent of the cash economy, where privacy is the most convenient choice.

Think of Veil as a digital ecosystem where you can earn, trade, and spend privately, securely, and conveniently; one where the consumer experience is frictionless and businesses benefit from less liability.

Everything we have planned, and from herein, every decision we make, will be thought-out with our core objectives in mind:

  1. Reliable network of miners and stakers
  2. Truly private and decentralised exchange
  3. Stable and convenient merchant acceptance
  4. Growth of community through additional utility

We’re committed to the delivery of a thoughtful and validated solution to a problem that’s becoming too big to solve.

Updated roadmap

Now we have a solid framework from which our team can be truly mission driven, an updated roadmap is in progress, which as we continue to deliver on our strategy, will play an important role in keeping the community informed.

In the immediate term we are preparing for the release of our year one review, the launch of our merchandise store, and commencing trading on a number of very reputable exchanges we are delighted to have partnered with.

As part of our commitment to transparency, community, and accountability, we will soon publish the very first episode of Veil Radio. Our podcast will ‘lift the veil’ to discuss our progress and developments, allow us to host Q&As accepting questions via Discord and even listener call-ins, and keep you up to date with the latest in privacy.

Most importantly we will deliver on our migration to RingCT, a brand new design for the core wallet, a separate lite wallet, and the updated PoW algorithms. Together these pave the way for exciting partner products, additional utility for the Veil network itself, and ultimately our SuperSonic privacy protocol.

Closing words

Let’s make 2020 the year that the world sees surveillance capitalism for what it truly is—the manipulation and exploitation of people in the name of profit.

Here’s to our vision of an open, secure, and decentralised surveillance-free digital economy.

You can help us with unveiling our 2020 vision by clicking here to tweet our mission and by subscribing to Veil Radio (make sure you listen carefully).